Mr. Firoz Shroff was born in the esteemed Aga Khan Community and a distinguished business family from
1877 with extensive business and global ties, is a remarkable individual who has seamlessly transitioned
from a successful businessman to a dedicated philanthropist and social entrepreneur.

With 59 years of hard-core practical experience in acquiring and transforming various businesses both in private and public listed companies. He specializes in participation in multi-billion dollar transactions for investors and on his own account, Mergers and Acquisition transactions, and corporate structuring, offering mentorship to CEOs through his innovative Social Wealth Originating and Valufacturing Model. His commitment extends to dedicating a significant portion of his shares to support international educational and social institutions. Shroff’s impact is not only evident in the business realm but also in his endeavor to create substantial changes in both business and social spheres, fueled by his connections to a vast network of over 15 million Ismaili’s and Aga Khan Community members globally along with participation in that has 38 million members.

Initiating his journey in the 1970s, Mr. Shroff has garnered recognition in esteemed publications like Marquis Who’s Who in the World and Who’s Who in the World of Finance Industry. His honorary role on the Research Board of Advisors at the American Biographical Institute in the USA underscores his expertise and influence. As the Founder Idea Sponsor of the Social Entrepreneurship Fund through the Social Entrepreneurship Consortium Inc., he leads endeavors to invest in and generate astute revenue streams with social attributes. This enriches shareholder value and market capitalization by improving the current balance sheets of publicly listed companies, as he invests his own capital with other

A sought-after speaker, Mr. Shroff has delivered compelling speeches at prestigious events, including conferences organized by the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute in New York and at ‘The Opal Forum speaking on Canadian Family Office & Private Wealth Management in 2013. His insights into social
entrepreneurship led him to address MBA students at the Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University. He gifted to students 200 personally signed copies by Walter Isaacson ‘Steve Jobs’ where Firoz Shroff shared his profound knowledge personally with Steve Jobs. He also briefed the students on developing self-sustainable ventures with a social entrepreneurial concept. He has endowed and funded an internship program at Tulane’s A. B. Freeman, School of Business (USA) in research activities to teach final year MBA students how to induct social entrepreneurial attributes in public listed companies. Recognizing the significance of fostering entrepreneurial skills, he also spoke to MBA students at other Business Schools and made substantial endowment of under Professor Peter Richuitti (Tulane University Freeman School of business), founder of Burkenroad reports on publicly-listed companies, emphasizing value investing for equity ownership.

Fueling his dedication to research, Mr. Shroff’s personal library of 15000 books and under two PhD librarians. All his books and work in container during in shipment to Canada got burned on the port destroying his lifetime repository of international information of global deal making. His thirst for knowledge goes beyond personal enrichment, as he has developed his set of “Business Tools,” deploying proprietary algorithms, ecosystems, and platforms to diagnose intrinsic assets and leverage, arbitrage, and monetize significant values in public limited companies in global capital markets.

With collective foresight, experience, dedication, decision-making power, and unwavering commitment to efficiency, Mr. Shroff’s goodwill has surpassed the billion-mark, showcasing the substantial impact he has made over the years.

Playing a pivotal role in revitalizing the United Nations Association, Toronto (UNACTO) Forbes (29 pages), he serves as a Lifetime member and Mentor. His appointment as Pro-Team Chairman in 2004 to re-establish the Toronto Chapter and subsequent service as President in 2006 underscore his invaluable
contributions. He spoke in 2013 on Social Entrepreneurship at Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University, (Canada) and was invited as a guest speaker at various universities as entrepreneur. At various business school speaking on “How to Develop Entrepreneurial Skills during College Life through Equity Ownership in a Business.

Mr. Shroff’s passion for leveraging cutting-edge technology for positive change is evident in his embrace of Imagination as future currency, Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence, block-chain, DAO, Robotics, Machine learning, Virtual Reality and NFTs.

Having overseen transactions totaling $25 billion, Shroff collaborates globally, advising high-net-worth groups on deal participation. He operates a private equity consulting group, identifying proprietary deals and shifting roles seamlessly as a businessman, entrepreneur, dealmaker, “Valufacturer,” and social wealth

As a fervent advocate for ventures generating new revenue streams with social attributes, enriching shareholders’ value, and positively impacting society, his involvement with the United Nations Association and mentorship exemplifies his commitment to fostering positive global change. Mr. Shroff has solidified his position as a visionary leader and an inspiring force for generations to come.

Mr. Shroff focal interests lies in assisting Public Listed Companies in their respective industry to Diagnose Intrinsic Assets (IA’s) and provide resources to arbitrage, leverage and monetize these assets through global capital market by forming Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV’s) as Public listed spin-off entities.
Mr. Shroff had identified Dow Jones (DJ) as an entity with many intrinsic assets before it was acquired by Mr. Rupert Murdoch. He and his team had diagnosed DJ as independent intellectual currency, Independent Company, free press corporation, center for freedom of financial and economic speech, intellectual and financial community platform, global financial news, Services Company and largest deal making database in the world. This transactions included substantial capital position via long term out of money, flex and leap options in Dow Jones (DJ).

Mr. Shroff was instrument in supporting the Bancroft family to retain Dow Jones as independent entity by offering to provide collective investment support in substantial ten figures. Mr. Shroff partnered for this transaction with various private equity groups and Sovereign wealth funds from Middle East and Far East. He and his team identified several intrinsic multi-billion dollar assets beyond the management’s ambit in DJ to increase shareholder’s value and improving the balance sheet with no investment by the corporation and shareholders through arbitrage, leverage, monetize and securitize them via several spinoffs.

Mr. Shroff advises many close door Family Offices ‘FO’ and Sovereign Funds. He advises high net worth groups and families to establish FO with social entrepreneurship mindset to formulate and operate via his SE model that is all about reducing the risk by applying ROI “The Shroff way – Return on Innovation –
imagination – Integration – Intellectualization – Information”. He has diverse and wide interest in Financial Service, Real Estate, Philanthropy, Education, ECommerce & Technology, Merchant Banking, Business Development and Transformation activities.

Mr. Shroff negotiated the acquisition of one of the largest conglomerate Chase Corporation in Australia and New Zealand (1987-1988) with Balance Sheet footing of US$ 1.5 billion with public listing in 7 jurisdictions across the globe.

In London, UK near Harrods, South Kensington in the late 70’s early 80’s, Mr. Shroff acquired a chain of Hotels and turned them into a Luxury apartment andproperty Development Company during the 80’s recession in a major partnershipwith a foreign bank. Total rooms controlled exceeded 700 rooms in 5 properties with a Real Estate Development value of US $100 million. He also applied the idea of a businessmen club in one of the property and sold the project to Lebanese group. This project was sold as part of exit strategy to a third party with development theme and the land.

Mr. Shroff Identifies and Creates out of Complex Situation Intrinsic assets and Values to arbitrage, leverage and monetize them to Capital Market. Mr. Shroff has been involved in the Publishing Business and Operated One of the Largest Bookstores in the SAARC. Under Mr. Shroff leadership largest bookstore
7 stories on was built. He also established various ventures in publishing distribution and retail sale of books which has been one of core component of the Shroff family’s enterprises for nearly four generations. Shroff Publishers and Distributors Limited (SPD) is the largest publisher of computer and technology related books and publications in the South Asian Area of Regional Cooperation
(SAARC). This company serves population of the SAARC region which is more than 1.5 billion people. The nations of the SAARC include: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Maldives, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka.

Mr. Shroff had vision that he is working on to develop an International Club in the National Capital Region of the United States in collaboration with Ragatz Associates (RCI Consulting Inc.) and The International Club Network (ICN Club) in the U.S. This project establishes a flagship parent facility, The International Club, in Washington, D.C. will feature reciprocal privileges with similar clubs in most
countries. The Washington, D.C. facility specifically seeks a niche market composed primarily of international business executives, their families, friends, and guests. With a miniature village theme, members will enjoy convenient access to a diverse range features and services including, but not necessarily limited to accommodations, social activities, business connectors, personal services,
investment consulting, as well as access to legal, education, and immigration expertise. An unusually broad range of services and information related to the following will be accessible from within the International Club

One of Mr. Shroff ambition is to establish a brokerage firm that is a “Portal Marketing Service and investment consulting” entity, that will link high net-worth clients, multinationals, foreign missions, financial institutions and corporate clients to investment opportunities in the emerging markets around the world. His plan is to include development of an international side that offers investments in real
estate to residents of the U.S. and Canada who have SAARC origins, focusing on skilled, well established professionals and business entrepreneurs
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