Business Characteristics

Shroff is a kind of serial entrepreneur the most joy out of starting and building a business, but not in its continued management. Other than real estate projects in which he plans and executes the entire project to the end users, he starts a business, then spinoff or sell it and pivot to launch a new idea. He operates and assume risk in the business for the time he own it. Other times, serial he juggle several businesses at once. Some of his aspects for his success are his:-

He likes meeting and communicating with other successful entrepreneurs and you’ll nearly always hear the word passion when they describe what they do. Following your passion is one of his best predictors of success.

Independent thinking
He often thinks outside the box and aren’t swayed by others who might question his ideas.

It’s difficult to succeed at anything if you don’t believe in a good outcome. He is a dreamers and strongly believe his ideas are possible, even when they seem unattainable.

This is not to say he never have self-doubt, but he’s able to overcome it, and believe can achieve his goal

Resourceful and Problem-solver
Lack of assets, knowledge, and resources are common, but he can get what he needs or figure out how to achieve his business goals. He never let problems and challenges get in the way, and instead, he may find ways to achieve success despite hardships.

Tenacity and ability to Overcome Hardship
He never quit at the first, second, or even hundredth obstacle. For him, failure is not an option, so he continues to work toward success, even when things go wrong.

His most stringent definitions of entrepreneurship include vision as a necessary element. It helps to know his end goal when he starts to work on an idea. Further, vision is the fuel that propels him forward toward his goal.

One can get very easily distracted in this fast-paced world. Many start-ups get side-tracked by the “shiny object syndrome” (products and services that promise fast results), or other entrepreneurs get bogged down in unimportant busywork. Shroff calmly takes is easy and avoids these distractions and stays focused on what will bring results.

He does not expect something to come from nothing, and he does not wait for things to happen. He overcome challenges and avoid procrastination.