Present Interests & Investments

One of his present interests are assisting 4th and 5th tiers public listed companies with high market capitalization trading in US, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia and Japan to increase values by combining operative business models with 1st and 2nd tiers companies in emerging market. He terms it Intellectual Capital Arbitrage. . He intends to assist them to magnetize new values by combining operative business models of these matured companies with emerging market companies to ignite and capitalize new values. He calls it social wealth originating FIRE based on the 4 FOUR elements that he applies in his social entrepreneurial analysis i.e. Financial, Innovational, Rational and Emotional outside the balance sheet.

Shroff also works as senior interim. He has been in his own businesses and has handled combined transactions exceeding US $5billion globally. He has worked in many areas including M&A, Real Estate, Corporate Finance, Capital Market Arbitrage, Hospitality, Retailing, Leisure, and Services sector. He takes up assignments in which he also provides intellectual assets and his fees are combination of stocks and retainership.  While dissecting a transaction, he wears various hats that of a businessman, entrepreneur, dealmaker, valuefacture and wealth creator and has practical experience in following areas when providing intellectual equity

  • Expansion capital for established, rapidly growing companies acting locally but thinking globally.
  • Leveraged acquisitions jointly with management of the companies.
  • Participative interests in small capitalized public companies.
  • Consolidation opportunities in fragmented industries.
  • Participative interests in financially distressed companies with growth potential.
  • Private companies opting for public listing locally and internationally.

Interested In
Mr. Shroff’s interest lies in Consulting Offers, New Ventures, Expertise Requests, Business Deals, Reference Requests, Getting back