If leadership is an art, then indisputably Mr. Firoz Shroff has established himself as a master artist. Very few successful individuals have embodied business leadership more effectively. Coming from a respected business family of The Aga Khan Community with strong ties in the Indian Sub-Continent, Africa, Canada, U.S. and Europe, the success story of Shroff has grown and matured in stature. The origin of his success lies in his force of persona, together with an uncontrolled passion for success in the competitive environment of business and an interest to facts many business leaders would simply fail to notice. Shroff’s knowledge of business stems from understanding the corporation and those who work for it. And he does it because, above everything else, he has strong faith in the power and ability of the workforce.

Shroff has not only stamped his identity in the global business community but has also taken keen interest in his personal life. Being born on 27th February 1950 in Karachi, Pakistan, Mr. Shroff is now married and has three children. Shroff’s success as a Business leader is in large part because of his leadership skills. He understands the science of communication. He has an ability to convey strategic thoughts and ideas to the work force in a very comprehensive manner. Shroff’s main focus is on the most powerful thinking process, which comprises in recognizing values lying inactive in the corporation that have twofold values both local and global without the knowledge of the management.

This strategic approach has allowed Shroff to get to know the corporation’s work force, interrelate and cooperate with them, and get involved in all phases of the business. While he’s known as friendly and determined, he is also prominent for being a challenging leader. His success in the business world has led to notable mention, by virtue of invitation in Marquis “Who’s Who in the World 1988-98”, “Who’s Who in the World of Finance Industry 1989-98,” registry of Member International Real Estate Institute and International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI) Paris.

While many business leaders struggle every day to guide and inspire sheer handfuls workforce, Shroff’s ability to exert this authority over the most wide-ranging organizational issues has lead to various Professional and Social Affiliations, as Member of various Institute/Association such as International Real Estate Institute, Arizona, U.S.A., International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI) Paris, France, Institute of Directors, U.K., AMIIC Real Estate and Investment Club International, Geneva, Switzerland, American Biographical Institute, USA, The Property Consultant Society UK.