Philanthropy is very important to The Shroff family and to Firoz personally under his own social road map. It consists of combining philanthropy and commerce with time, experience and management. He created Sasi Foundation in 1999 to support non profit and philanthropic initiatives with commitment to disseminate social entrepreneurship globally. He is the Executive Chairman of the Foundation and is actively involved in the management and operation of it activities. He is also involved professionally, culturally and social with various non profits and charitable organizations. Mr. Shroff dedicates part of his time and talent to promote the Social Entrepreneurship cause through the foundation and is board members of several non profits. He is instrument in reopening UNACTO office as Chairman of pro team and than elected President of United Nations Association of Canada-Toronto  and currently acting as a permeant mentor to the association.

He was the founding Member, Sponsor and 1st Vice President of United Nations Association of Pakistan UNAP. He was also elected President of Homeland International Inc., a Canadian Charity that is now planning to participate in community housing and mixed development project in Canada and internationally.

To gain information and knowledge on his vision of Social Entrepreneurship and the activities he proposes to carryout. 

Mr. Shroff as social entrepreneur through Homeland and Social Entrepreneurship Consortium Inc, Social Entrepreneurship Fund and Social Entrepreneurship Resource Bank plc supported by Sasi Foundation has endowed an internship program for MBA students at Tulane University through Professor Peter Ricchuiti, Dr. John B.Elstrott JR and  Ms. Lina Alfieri Stern, Associate Director at Levy-Rosenblum Institute for Entrepreneurship, A. B. Freeman School of Business #7 McAlister Drive, Suite 401,Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118. The Social Entrepreneurship Program is virtually managed by Mr. Shroff who has committed to coach MBA graduates to diagnose intrinsic assets in public listed companies and than develop corporate structure taking into account both commercial and philanthropic needs of the stakeholders applying his Social entrepreneurship processes, methods and applications to create values for all stake holders.