Philosophy & Approach


Based on personal experience with more than 30 companies and careful study of dozens of others, I (Firoz Shroff) am convinced: The basis and source ofwealth creation is knowledge and intellectual capital
Therefore, as we collaborate on projects with wealth creation as the objective, our philosophy is to identify and utilize existing resources (knowledge/intellectual capital) rather than invent different resources which usually continues to ignore and potentially squander intrinsic assets. Our vision isto magnetize existing assets and valuefacture new profitable structures and accumulate wealth that can be shared.


Many peoplee are surprised by the contrast between their traditional, formal business relationships experiences and my open, caring and sharing personalizedapproach. We know that strong interpersonal relationships with stakeholders are critical and imperative for optimalvaluefacturing. My informal personalleadership style ensures that we will be creative and innovative and trust the strength of our interpersonal bonds to appropriately share the results of our collaboration.