Social Characteristics

It was apparent that Firoz Shroff inbred the ambition, intelligence, and competitive spirit   from his ancestors that had helped him rise to the top in his chosen profession.

Shroff comes from a well-reputed and known business family with strong ties in Indian Sub-Continent, Africa, Europe, USA and Canada. Mr. Shroff specializes and has talents in providing a combination of business development, strategic, synergic and tactical direction, manufacturing values (Valufacture), management and financial restructuring experience to both privately and publicly held companies. During his career, he has handled very substantial transactions and investments.

Since childhood, he was a very motivated person to create the best possible future for himself, and have worked very hard to set that up. He wasn’t much interested in academics; he wanted to become a great entrepreneur right from his childhood. Because of this, he eventually abandoned his studies without completing them and instead, studied the intricate art of operating a business attending various professional certification courses during his life.

Firoz Shroff professionalism story began in 1970’s. Biographical information by honor of invitation led to notable mention in Marquis Who’s Who in the World 1988-2003. Who’s who in the World of Finance Industry 1989-97, Registry of Member International Real Estate Institute and International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI) Paris. Directory of Real Estate Investors, and he has an honorary appointment to the Research Board of Advisors at the American Biographical Institute USA. In addition, he is affiliated to various other professional and social associations and organizations globally.