Traits and Characteristics

  • Independent and dependable, these are two traits that Firoz values most for himself, and they depict who he is, and what he stand for. Being independent is not something to be taken for granted. Independence gives him the opportunity to script his own life, and find out things on his own. He values his independence very much, and since high school has tried to do things on his own.  Dependability is another trait that has prided him with over the years. To him, being dependable is one of the most valuable traits a person can possess. When a person he knows needs him in any way, it is his belief that you should do whatever it takes to be there for them.  He has always tried to be there for his family, friends, colleagues, associates and business partners.
  • Firoz Shroff sees reality, and knowing “the facts are friendly,” he accepts reality more than most people. He sees through phoniness, deception, and “games”–and avoids them.
  • He very comfortably copes with problems, rather than avoid them.
  • He is spontaneous with his ideas, feelings, and actions, being genuine and confident.
  • He resists culturally prescribed roles, e.g. masculine or feminine. He resent unfairness caused by social roles and prejudice.
  • He does not judge others on the basis of stereotypes, like sex, age, race, or religion, but rather as individuals.
  • He has a strong self-generated code of ethics–a sense of right and wrong.
  • He is creative and does things differently, not in rebellion but for the joy of being original and talented. He is clever, even in his ability to be amused instead of angered by human foibles.
  • He is Persuasive, Persistence, Patience, Perceptive, Probity, Praise Giving, Positive Orientation, Practical, Progressive, and Team Power Building.