Firoz Shroff is an independent entrepreneur with more than three decades of hands on international experience in creating wealth. He provides broad experience in the analysis and redesign of M&A’s, Break-ups, Divestitures, Spin-offs, Split-ups, Swaps, Carve-outs, Corporate Finance Advisory, Deal Structuring, International Tax and Financial Planning, Trust and Escrow Management, Global Investment Strategies, Capital Investment Strategies, Capital Market Functions, Upfront SOTM Derivatives and Valuefacturing Wealth.

Shroff works with leaders at different levels, and in different size organizations; The CEO of a newly forming start-up, the CEO of a Fortune 500 Company, the Head of a Business Unit, the Leader of a functional Organization, the Director of Strategy & Head of Human Resources.

Shroff’s origin of the success lies in his force of persona, together with an uncontrolled passion of success in this competitive business environment all because of his qualitative leadership skills. He understands the science of communication and has the ability to convey strategic thoughts and ideas to others in a very comprehensive manner. His main focus is on the most powerful thinking process, which comprises in recognizing values lying inactive in a corporation that have twofold values both local and global.

He is a person who thrives on digesting information. His special talent is being able to synthesize and analyze a large amount of information in a short amount of time. As well comfortable delving into the depths of a problem as he is giving a high-level outline to a CEO. Always easy to talk and always eager to find the right solution to a problem. Firoz loves to see his efforts make a real difference.

He is a research oriented person. He personally receives more than 2,500 pieces of international printed information annually for his personal library. His library consists of more than 150,000 pieces of information material. This consist of books, journals, newsletters, magazines, annual reports, specialists research reports, proposals, feasibilities, information memorandum and prospectus creating investment opportunities.